Daily Specials

Grilled Sausage Rice Wrap (App) $7.99

Served with peanut sauce on the side

Vietnamese Style Fried Rice

Vietnamese Pho House Fried Rice

Chicken $14.99

Shrimp $16.99

Chicken and Shrimp mix $16.99




Pad Thai

Pad Thai

(carrots, beansprouts and peanuts)

Chicken $14.99

Shrimp $16.99

Chicken and Shrimp mix $16.99



Lemongrass Chicken Thighs (Greenbank location only)

Lemongrass Chicken Thighs with side soup side salad 14.99


Basil Beef Stir Fry

Rib eye beef stir fried with basil, onions, mushrooms and broccoli

served with jasmine white rice and chicken consomme broth on the side





Beef Short Ribs on Rice

Perfectly marinated beef short ribs, grilled to perfection served with rice, house salad and chicken consomme on the side. $14.99



Crispy egg noodle stir fry

Assorted vegetables stir fried on top of a nest of crispy egg noodles

Chicken $14.99

Shrimp $16.99

Seafood $17.99 (Shrimp, Squid, Scallop)

Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue #SP07  (medium only) $12.99

Now available all week at both locations!

Authentic Hue Style spicy soup with pork hock, Vietnamese ham and beef shank.


Hot n Spicy Tom Yum Soups

Sp03: Chicken and veggies in a spicy tom yum broth with rice noodles $11.99

Sp04: Chicken and BBQ Pork in a spicy tom yum broth with rice noodles


(please order by #)

Egg Noodle Stir Fry

Thin egg noodles stir fried with assorted vegetables

Chicken $14.99

Beef $15.99

Shrimp $16.99


What People Are Saying

Awesome Pho, lots of meat. Great friendly service. Had P10 at noon on Friday. Busy but they handled the flow perfectly. Highly recommend this place.

Finally made it to this Greenbank road Pho stop last week. Cooler temps and miserable rains made a giant bowl of Pho Bo very attractive indeed and they didnt disappoint here. Prices are on the higher end, but at least they deliver the goods. P1 broth had tremendous aroma, good colour, and tasted great. No spiking with hoisin or hot sauce required to bring up the flavour at all. Decent beef portion was still actually rare, piled on top of ample noodles and veg. The side veg included coriander, but as is too common for suburban Pho, was lacking the hot pepper. But hit the mark with lime quarters, and lots of good quality basil and sprouts. The side spring rolls were larger than used to (so over ordered) but still crunchy and very tasty. The wife’s pork on vermicelli was good, though the included veg lacked the marinade found at other Viet places. Well above average across the board.

You no longer have to venture out from Nepean for a good bowl of pho.

I love this restaurant, I really hope they do well. The prices are great, very affordable. The food is amazing, always fresh and served hot. Service is fast and friendly. I am impressed every time.